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“Over the past couple of months Jesus has really been bringing you to mind and I have been awe struck with your life and devotion to Jesus. As I face a season of the testing of the faith, i am encouraged and strengthened by your life of faith and your ability to continue serving Jesus without offense. But even more then that loving Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Over the years your love for Jesus has only grown stronger, more intimate and has truly become the all consuming passion in your life. This is beautiful! Your life is a beautiful testimony which not only encourages me in my walk with Jesus but moves the heart of God. I believe He is undone that you have stood before Him and this generation with a heart full of love and without offense.” January 2012

Whitneigh Horsch, Missionary Intercessor, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, MO

“Kim, The Lord blessed me so much during one of those times you ministered to me at a women’s conference at Life Foursquare Church. You prayed over me and prophetically gave me a word that the Lord loved me exceedingly and that He was dancing around me in love … this really spoke to my heart and gave me a hunger to seek the Lord even more. This also helped me to bring emotional healing in spiritual areas.”

 Pamela Knudsen, Student at Clinical Pastoral Education, Providence Hospital, Columbia SC

“Thank you for sharing your passion with so many, you have caused many fires to ignite for the Lord!”   

Pastor David Catron, LIFE Foursquare Church, Decatur, IL

“I have personally seen lives changed when they hear Kim’s story. It is a story about having faith and not knowing what will happen next. It is a story of her trust in the Lord and the honest insecurities that stole her sleep. Truly, it is a story written by God himself and I look forward to seeing how far He will take her to make it known.”   

Pastor Jeff Watts, Renaissance, Decatur, IL

“… a woman of integrity and vision … she is a talented writer with exceptional insight …”      

Pastor Lori Catron, LIFE Foursquare Church, Decatur, IL

“She is not only articulate but speaks with great sincerity and passion. Her message is powerful and reflects her immense love for her daughter and her Savior … there are numerous times God has used her words to encourage me to know Him more.”                 

Stephanie Hargis-Kooienga, Ocean Springs, MS Executive Dir. of  NLPC, 1995-1997, Decatur, IL

“… Kim has shared her life story … She is an excellent presenter … a woman of integrity … very friendly and interacts well with people from varied backgrounds and ages”             

Penny Weaver, Executive Director, New Life Pregnancy Center, Decatur, IL


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