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“Daddy, are we there yet?”

God winked at me today on my iPhone

It was one of those days. You know, one of those days in your life where you swear it’s the longest day ever expiring within the longest week ever, folded within the longest month ever as it rotates within the longest year ever which, dreadfully, might finally and fully convince you that you just may be living out one of the longest “life-in-waiting” ever. That was the moment that I looked down at my phone with weak anticipation that maybe, just maybe, the most thrilling thing waiting to happen to my world could be one single glance away and then I see it again. For the umpteenth time I see my beloved 33.

Every day for the last seven years I have yet to lay my head to rest without the unusual coincidence of glancing upon the number 33. Seriously, everyday, at least once a day I run into a 33. Most days it’s more than once. It’s no longer unusual to me when I glance at a receipt, a clock, a license plate, a sale ad, a scoreboard, an address, an odometer, a mile marker, an exit sign, a bar code, blah-blah-blah that I don’t see it. What does amaze me is that within the split of a second of a glance I catch it. Within that split second I know for the umpteenth time God is reassuring me like a tender wink.

One of the ways God speaks to us is through unusual coincidences. God is a romantic. He loves to create an intimate language of love that belongs to just you and Him. It’s a language of love that only the two of you completely get much like the “code-talk” only close friends or couples can share. He gets you. In fact no one gets you like He does. He takes full responsibility for the uniqueness of those He has created. He also takes full advantage of His intimate knowledge of you in order to talk to you in ways that increase your priceless affections for Him.

When I see the number 33 it speaks volumes to my heart, seven years of intimate knowledge only the two of us share. We have so much mind-blowing history related to this ordinary number. It flashes before the masses a million times a day and they pass right by it without a thought. Not me, I am one who has to stop and smile again for the umpteenth time. I have to stop in my mind, in my heart, and in my tasks and remember Him and His promises to me. 33 is not a superstition like a lucky number. 33 points me to Jeremiah 33:3 where God promised to show me great and mighty things of which I’ve never known before whenever I would called upon Him.

Great and mighty things has He been showing me indeed. God shows me great and mighty things about Himself. He shows me great and mighty things about those we love. He shows me great and mighty things about the kind of influence He wants to be through leaders and organizations. He even shows me great and mighty things about my future and myself. Of all the great and mighty things He shows me these are the ones that usually make me cry. I have discovered that tears are great at dismantling my unbelief.

There will be days like today, the day that never ends, and you’ll wonder if you are “there” yet. Living this life by faith and not by sight always runs the risk to wander off and ask if anything, ANYTHING, is being accomplished in favor of all He has promised. Your childlike heart can’t help itself but ask, “Daddy, are we there yet?” When you least expect it, like a pulse proving there is still life, your “33” will flash before you within a split second for the umpteenth and one time. When it does you’ll smile and remember that the Lover of your soul truly is intimately acquainted with all of your ways. You’ll be grateful He orders your steps right up to the split second.

Though you may not arrived in your promised land today, you’re closer than you were the last time you asked: ten minutes ago. You can also be sure He is still watching over every one of those promising words He has whispered into your heart. After all, that’s what lovers do.

What’s your “33”?


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