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Wired to be in Charge

Kingly landscape made up of post-it-notes

The word multitasking originated as a computer term; the simultaneous execution of more than one program or task by a single computer processor. In recent years we’ve nicknamed people as multitaskers. You will pass through very few job interviews that won’t ask you if you can multitask. Truth be known there is a select species of humans who multitask well. True multitaskers can execute more than one task at once and not lose any quality in their assignments. The rest of us? Not so much. There is a lot to be said for focus and concentration. However, those wired to manage and administrate have a very impressive ability to function within the high levels of several demands at once and meet them successfully.

Born to Lead

Individuals wired as perceivers and encouragers are as great at expressing ideas as an administrator. The administrator, however, is also highly motivated to organize that which they give vision to. The others? They would be wise to do their vision a favor and enlist an administrator. Those wired to manage get energy from the challenge of organization. They love to dig in, develop, and administrate with a creative desire to take raw materials and make something great.

Those wired to manage require very little supervision in a project. You can give them an inch of a general idea and they will create a mile of systems with purposeful design. They love to supervise people and delegation is the secret to great leadership. They understand, honor, and respect authority structures and feel very comfortable leading within them. They will not take the lead in areas they have not been given. They do their best work when they know the parameters of their authority. The only exception to that rule would be in those times where no authority has been delegated. Their love for order and time management will motivate them to step in.

Long Distance

Those wired to manage prefer long-range projects. Their vision is broad. In the big picture they see the resources needed, the people fitted for the tasks, and time frame needed to develop a project and to do it with excellence. Long-range projects are like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, they do more than create meetings and events they create landscapes. They have great enthusiasm for what they have committed to and find their joy in accomplishing goals.

Pastor Jeff, a strong server, has married himself a bride wired to be in charge. He and Stacey always seem to have one or two long-range projects on the burners of their lives. Presently they are committed to their 3rd house rental renovation and a Foursquare church plant in downtown Decatur. Jeff is the short-range guy within Stacey’s landscapes. Together, their big visions become real life realities. At first their contrasting ranges would easily become a point of frustration. When they come into a better understanding of how they are gifted differently they were better able to honor their differences. They were better able to make room for each other’s gifts in all that they would envision. Another reason for understanding the gifts: marital bliss.

Getting the Job Done

Those wired to be in charge will endure criticism and let others take the credit on projects to get the job done. Since their primary goal is to get the job done criticism is to small a detail for them to give attention to. They see success as a collective achievement while knowing you can’t please all the people all of the time. They are excellent at knowing when to make changes and how to pace them in a way that is best for the whole. Once the job is done they are ready to move on to the next project. They won’t stick around to maintain what they have developed. They move out of the way for the next gift to come in and “keep” what was developed going on without them.

If you are an organizer and frequently write notes to yourself to stay on task you may be wired to manage. If you hate to waste time and doing routine tasks you may be wired to manage. If you’ve been accused of bossing people around and live overextended most of the time, you too may be wired to manage. In the church you are wired to lead departments and projects, troubleshoot, and take the lead with workshops and adult learning. In the marketplace you will have joy as an advertising executive, air traffic controller, business owner, city planner, college professor, retail management, hotel manager, marketing executive, national and global level ministers, personal administrator, recreational director, or school administrator.

It’s been my experience that great ideas stay grounded until you bring an administrator on board. They are vital to the execution of any idea or vision worth taking flight. These are the people who organize the feet fitted to carry your dreams. Dreams run effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly with this kind of talent carrying the multiple tasks. They are the superhero behind every great event, successful organization, and powerful corporation. Their post-it-notes eventually make for great landscapes.

Well, this is the last of the gifts but not the last blog. We will sum up the wonders of God’s given gifts in Wired to Rule, coming up next.


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