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Wired to “See”

I have a friend named Paula. Her relationship with Christ is much like the Apostle Paul’s: one to imitate. Her level of abandonment far out runs her trust in God. She knows that her capacity to trust God does not precede her obedience but rather follows her obedience to His voice. She is a faithful friend who believes in what I hear from God more than I do most of the time. Paula is someone who prays a prayer in the morning and has her answer before the end of the day. I, however, pray a prayer in the morning and I don’t see an answer for about 3-5 years. We joke a lot that she must be near-sighted when it comes to prayer. Me? Well, I am painfully far-sighted.

Farsightedness is a common characteristic of someone who majors in a prophetic wiring or gift. The Discovering Your God-Given Gifts study has a 25-question profile for each of the seven gifts. They ask you how true each statement is about you. Your answer will have a value between 0 and 5. The Renaissance staff ended up having one married couple each scoring over 75 points out of 100. They also had one young man with a score much like my own, a 98.

A Prophetic Profile

Individuals who are prophetically wired quickly identify good from evil and possess a very low tolerance for compromise. They are very persuasive in their communication styles and, sorry, they are sometimes blunt. They are insightful with very colorful interior lives. Prophetically wired people need only a few friends and they value alone-time as an optimum environment in which to hear from God and pray.  They are eager to see their own blind spots because they know the hindrance personal sin can create in relationship to God. They live life by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and sin cuts off their “food” supply. Without a revelation of God’s perfectly fitted love they will suffer with low self-esteem, especially as children. Children who have very high standards and are very hard on themselves may be wired with this gift.

Prophetically wired people encourage repentance and the embracing of difficulties as the fast track to growth and intimacy with God. One of the statements on the profile suggested they grieve deeply over the sins of others. This stirred an interesting conversation between those of us who scored high here. As we shared the issues that grieve us most we found agreement that our grief was less about people breaking rules and more about people missing their potential. When you understand that the definition of sin is missing the mark then you can better understand their grief. Remember, prophetically wired people are far-sighted. If sin leads to death than that is where you will find the source of their grief as well as their passion for God’s people. Their grief is over the death of a person’s potential, the loss of Godly influence, the erosion of God-given dreams and relationships.

When you look at the lives of the biblical prophets you will find some pretty hardcore believers. Frequently God called them to speak to His people on His behalf. There was a rhythm to the words that God gave them to speak. Their words would declare God’s love, confront the missing mark (sin), paint the promises of a hope and a future, warn of consequences, and remind of redemption. That’s the kind of counsel you can expect from your prophetically wired friends. Their answers to you will always direct you back into a right relationship with God. If they are mature in the gift they will draw your attention to who God says you are in contrast to any revealed sin that may hinder or harm your future. More than likely they will direct you foremost to prayer.

The Prophetic Fit

This is the person you want on your team when the going gets tough. This is the person you want on your “friends” list when you need someone tell you the truth without the sugar. When God engages their farsightedness and shows them your potential they become a like a dog with a bone. They are a real contender for your future. They won’t let go of your destiny even when everyone else thinks you’re a fool. They will stay committed to your destiny even when you stray. Why so intense? No one values the voice of God like the prophetically wired person. They see themselves in partnership with the declared will of God and they take that job very seriously. In their eyes people are either in the will of God or out of the will of God, there is no kinda-sorta in their book.

When it comes to their place in the church community the prophetically wired individuals act like the “eyes” of the Body of Christ. The keep the church centered on prayer and obedience. They teach others how to hear the voice of God and discern the will of God. Like Jesus, they speak what the Father speaks. They easily read the hearts of men and, of course, they pray a lot. They are personally challenged to not be judgmental but to remember grace and mercy. They have to work on their delivery because they feel conviction so strongly. They can be pushy to get others to mature and can be intolerant of anothers perspective that is not like their own. God in His great wisdom only allows them to see in part in order to best promote interdependency within His Church. All the gifts bring a unique perspective and should be more highly regarded than your own. Together we are gifted to bring a bigger picture of what God is up to.

If you think you major in this gift you are going to find joy in teaching young adults and adults on prayer, prophecy, the will of God, and embracing difficulties to gain intimacy with Him. If you have not found your assignment in intercession you will be highly frustrated with this gifting. God shares His secrets with the prophets and prayer is the greater work of bringing Heaven to earth. If you are prophetically wired you may find joy working as an inspector of sorts, a market researcher, a paramedic, a reporter, a teacher of science or drama, a writer, an engineer, a judge, or a minister.

I have a lot of personal experience with this gift and I am considering a part two ???  so we shall “see”.


Wired for Joy!

My friend, the one and only Mrs. Valerie P. (Hi Val!), called me this Wednesday shortly after reading my last post, Wired? or Weird? The content and timing of that post was such a God-thing for her. She asked to meet with me in order to help her think out loud concerning a new opportunity that had recently been presented to her.

My reply? Heck Ya! You see it’s a huge source of personal joy for me to walk people further into their destinies. Some people experience joy in physically laboring with others, some get joy counseling people through to physical and emotional health, still others have no greater joy than giving stuff away. Me? I like dreamers and the best news is dreamers like me. It’s like we were made for each other. My favorite part is encouraging them to say yes to the impossibilities in front of them. Why? Because I know the intimacy in God that is waiting for them on the other side. This particular joy, as you will get to learn about in the coming weeks, was key in helping me to identify my own God-Given gifts early on.

Joy is only one reason why everyone should know and study to understand their God-Given Gifts. Knowing how you are wired plugs you into a greater confidence to take your personal place in God’s history. To know how you are wired also gives you great insight into your relationships with others. Knowing how you are wired increases your understanding on how your spouse, your children, your friends and co-workers are wired. When we “get them”, many of our frustrations in relationship to them go on a hiatus! If we take a closer look at ourselves we will have to admit that some of our biggest struggles with others is how they are not like us. Why don’t they “see” what I see? Why don’t they “feel” like I feel? Why don’t they “think” like I think? Once you appreciate how others are not like you-you will be liberated to freely love them more and cheer them on in all those ways they are not like you.

The Advantage 

Knowing how you are wired is priceless when comes to life’s choices. Like some of you, I wish I would have had someone to teach me about my wiring when I was a teenager. I came by my survivor mentality honestly while growing up in a family with a strong work ethic and driving sense of responsibility. If there was any encouragement to dream it was always conditional to what was reasonable and sensible, which really can work to dry up the clouds of a girl’s daydreaming.

When you start to believe what God says in the bible you have to challenge the boundaries of what is reasonable and sensible. What I was learning is that reasonable and sensible are great anchors but eventually they contribute very little when God is calling you to dream beyond what you can even think or imagine (Eph 3:20). As I began to work on closing the gap between my dreams and my day jobs I determined not to miss my chance with my daughter. I took this information on our God-Given Gifts to heart and set myself to observe her triggers of joy.

To make a long story short, which is quite the challenge for my gift by the way, I was able to identify that her joy was found in working with her hands. She has a God-Given gift of Service. Now, you couldn’t tell she was gifted to serve by how clean her room was because, well, it wasn’t. Her room still has its days but more and more we are seeing “one of these days” finally closing in. Rather, it was the joy she experienced when she created things with her hands. As a little girl she had all the Barbie stuff you could imagine but she would prefer to spend hours at our coffee table coloring. When it came to dinner time she was always hanging around the kitchen wanting to help me. She also had an unusual habit of being enchanted by watching other people doing meticulous work activities. These were just a couple of the clues I got about her wiring.

By the time she got to high school she signed up for a business math course. STOP! I pleaded with her to reconsider that choice and for one single semester take an art course. That’s all it took. She majored in art all four years. It was her joy. She is now enrolled in college culinary courses because she found a greater joy: food and art working together to make for really cute cakes. Additionally she works at a Pier One retail store where enjoys she spends hours setting displays for marketing. She loves her job. What? She loves her job? That would be a first in our family. My joy overflows with knowing that she got the advantage of a 14-year head start on me when it came to knowing where to begin with the rest of her life. Feels like a great win!

My Joy on Friday

Happily, I had a morning open on Friday and got to meet up with Mrs. Valerie P. and hear her heart. I got to ask her how her new opportunity came, what she liked about it, and what parts she felt uncomfortable with. Then we talked about the fire that burned in her heart. That was the one question turned the corner on our conversation into a whole other arena of joy for her. It was funny how our conversation kept returning to that topic and how she passionately she spoke about it. It was an arena that was not even related to the opportunity that was currently challenging her.

Because of the way I am wired it was easy for me to “read” between lines and identify where her joy was and where it had yet to be. Because of the way I was wired I was able to lay out some wisdom that would act like anchors for her decision-making as she brought it all back in prayer to the Lord. Me? I left high. It was my joy to serve my friend insight and wisdom and inspire her to trust God for even more. That joy fueled me for the rest of my day and made what threatened to be just “another” day so much more fulfilling. You see the joy I am speaking of is not conditional upon our circumstances. It’s an eternal joy you experience when you get to give your gift away no matter where you are; on the job, in your friend’s kitchen, in a classroom, before an audience of one or one hundred.

Well, we’ve got lots to discover in the coming weeks. If I could ask you one question today I would want to ask you, what is the one ability you have that you can do for hours on end find yourself leaving fulfilled in, or better yet: joy-filled? You know, that one thing where time gets away from you and you can’t wait to do it again? I believe living the dream has more to do with recovery than discovery so some of us may need to look back to our childhood to best answer that question.

Oh, and by the way, because of how I am wired feedback makes my joy overflow so don’t be shy:-)

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