imageKimberly has been a welcomed guest speaker and teacher before the body of Christ and its varied generations.  Her delivery is soft leaving a deep and penetrating impact upon the heart.  Her messages overflow from the intimacy she has experienced through a determined purpose to know Jesus in His power and His sufferings. She has a profound way of knitting the tension between His power and His sufferings into a beautiful truth; love is holy and holiness is love.

Kimberly is experienced in speaking and teaching before church congregations, pastoral and leadership events, fundraising banquets, as well as women and young adult gatherings. Kimberly is a communicator whose life and words work to infuse a divine courage enabling those with ears to hear to endure until the end because of the joy set before us: the knowledge of Jesus.

Kimberly’s language and message delivers a wealth of wisdom and strength concerning:

  • Intimacy with Jesus through the fellowship of His sufferings
  • Our Innocence Redeemed
  • The Father’s Pleasure in our Singleness unto Marriage
  • We Are the One Percent: My Story of Choosing Life after Rape

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