imageKimberly is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the jealous love of God. She has been set apart to understand the relentless affections of Christ for His Bride—the believer and the Church.  She lives with an intense passion for the purity of people’s hearts; Jesus said it is the only way for us to truly see God as He is. Her voice and her words go forth in a power that stir the most holy of emotions and persuade those who have ears to hear to pay the full price to see God and encounter His holy love for themselves.

Kimberly’s determined purpose for over 21 years has been to know Jesus intimately and to make Him known. It’s really that simple.  She came to a saving knowledge of Jesus at the age of 13.  However, she had not been taught the disciplines designed to keep her growing in that knowledge.  She had yet to learn about His ways and the eternal affections of His heart. Eventually her life ran a course of slow peril.

Easter morning, 1991, she awoke next to a stranger only to recall the events of the previous evening and the devastating reality she had been raped.  One month later she discovered she was pregnant.  Not only had her virginity been stolen, but it appeared as though her future was next.

The saving grace she had counted on as a teenager was now the same grace she was counting on as a young adult. During her pregnancy Kimberly exercised her right to choose and attempted each available option: abortion, adoption, and finally parenting as a single. Her last choice was her finest choice and today she is the proud mother of one of God’s greatest expressions of joy on the earth, her daughter Andee.  This was the pivotal event upon which her dependency reached from a saving grace into a lifestyle of grace.

The rape of 1991 soon became a shadowed illustration of the many telling ways all of us have been raped by sin and through sin.  Since then Kimberly has been on an amazing journey of recovering the innocence of her new life, the life Jesus died to give her. Her message consistently rebounds to this single essential truth: eternal life is to know Him.

Through personal experience Kimberly has come to know Jesus to be an intimate companion. She knows there is no greater love upon the earth than the love of the Father and His Son. She knows there is no greater joy upon the earth than the demonstrations of their love that come through their Holy Spirit. She has overcome the disabilities of self-hatred and mediocrity.  She is convinced there is no better way to grow a person’s esteem than to encourage a progressive lifestyle of knowing Him and His love. Additionally, there is no greater way to increase one’s faith than to embrace the dangers that follow saying “yes” to God.  These are the initial elements needed to empower us to love and be loved. Answering the command to love others as Jesus loves them requires we learn to let God love us first. His love is her favorite story to tell.

Kimberly had been a longtime member of LIFE Foursquare Church, where she served on staff under Pastor David Catron and as Administrator for the Downstate Illinois District of Foursquare Churches for six years. She has completed a variety of biblical studies through INSTE and LIFE Bible Institute. She currently serves as a Customer Service Rep for a local utility company.  She presently serves Pastor Jeff and Stacey Watts and is a founding member of Decatur’s newest Foursquare church, Renaissance. She spends her free time writing. To stay in touch with timely insights follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Use the Speaking page to contact Kimberly by email.


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