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I Blame Eden…

FullSizeRenderThis is one of the most thought provoking pictures I’ve seen this year. If I could have personally painted a picture of the evil spirit that abused my femininity since childhood, this would be the most illustrative of its influence upon my innocence. However, I no longer blame culture for our relentless pursuits for beauty. I blame Eden…

I believe our culture is simply echoing an original longing: to return to Eden. I wish men knew, the glory of the perfected female frame they can’t stop looking at, is the same glory we have a divine desire to return to. Working in the beauty industry I learned there were women I too couldn’t stop staring at. The only difference was men wanted to consume their kind of beauty and I wanted to be their kind of beauty. It made me to see there is mutual longing in the human heart for beauty. Our attraction is to encounter perfection, which only existed in Eden but now promised to be restored in Christ. After Eden our executions to encounter beauty has mostly been found enslaving, self-pleasing, and mutually abusive.

At the Fall God told Eve her desire would be for her husband. It’s traditionally taught this means it would be in her nature to want to manipulate, control, or own a “man’s place” of leadership. I disagree. Where was her desire before the Fall? It was to receive from God. It would no longer be in Eve’s nature to look to God for love and acceptance but it would become her desire to look to a man instead…

What men today would dare to partner with God in the beautifying work of undoing her secret shame and watch her deformities actually restored to her original design? No more striving. What women today would dare to partner with God in the liberating work of undoing his secret shame and watch his cravings actually restored to his original design? No more fighting. Oh that we could look upon each others ugliness convinced that’s not who they really are and join with God in returning one another to innocence and rest!

It’s just too easy to be disgusted, search for blame, and rest in our rejections as though their deformities and addictions are neither our fault nor our responsibility. What if we put down our “scissors” of repulsion and lifted our eyes in faith to fight for each others original glory? How much of Heaven would come down? There is so much more to know about love than what the eyes allow us to see. Where is true love proven if there are not impossibilities? We all are not yet who we were originally meant to be

I know, I know, impossible. You say I’m a dreamer. But it’s my blog, so I can.


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