Vignettes of Vintage Love 7.18.14

IMG_0773Forgive the blog. She’s full of random thoughts. I don’t know what has gotten into her. No rhyme or reason here, just thoughts. I’m not sure I even liker her. Proceed with caution please.

The Best

In the last post I suggested when you get God’s choice you know you’ve got the best. What is the best? It’s the one faith brought you. Our chief joy is His pleasure. His pleasure is in our faith. I’m interested in His pleasure and He’s interested in mine. If your desire is only about your joy as a couple then you’ll miss the greater fulfillment. Where’s the conflict? Well, it’s usually in our faith.


I know we can love and learn but it’s pretty expensive to our interiors. Is there healing and redemption after heartbreak? Absolutely. And then there’s wisdom. It’s always bothered me when people say of others, “they’ll have to learn the hard way.” Really? Do they have to? I always think, no, they don’t have to. They can choose wisdom. We’ll have enough practice to love and learn with our family and friends. Those relationships alone will teach us well how to risk, love and honor and give us experiences to rebound from pain and disappointments. Save the romance for the engagement. For me, the vintage way of love is not only right it is wise.

His vintage way may appear too ideal for those who are reminded of their past involvements including divorce. His vintage way is not without redemption. Hit delete, turn and trust Him to do this for you. Your past doesn’t define your future. I can’t imagine a more sincere cry for God’s choice than the ones coming from hearts who’ve experienced the brokenness of a broken choice. Ask!


I imagine to enter into a marriage without a history of pre-mature romances can make the fitting together seem like a dream. Just imagine all the “firsts” you’ll have saved up. You know you are experiencing a first when you start out saying, “I’ve never”. Firsts are the place where that priceless pearl of vulnerability opens itself to an unknown. Adherence to one another takes place and makes history in your soul. You never forget your firsts, so save as many as you can.

Baggage Control

I think one of the advantages of asking God to make the choice is baggage control. I guess one of my motivating passions behind encouraging the vintage way of love is the assurance of knowing you are making His choice your choice. You can go the way of dating and I can go the way of waiting. The truth is, we will both be wanting the assurance of His choice. The challenge will be the same: to hear clearly to know surely. You will have to sift through your history with many. I will have to sift through my history with One. I’ll have someone in mind. You’ll have someone in your hands. You know at some point you will be asking God if this is “the one”. I will too. If He says no, I will have to sever a disappointment. You will have to sever a relationship.

If He says yes. then we both win. The prize? It’s the assurance we know that we know. The challenge will be to fit in the baggage we’ll be bringing along. Totes or tubs? I bet I know which one your spouse would prefer. Less is more.

I Don’t Know

This is all I know this side of “I do”. What I don’t know is, if the vintage way of love comes with any guarantees. Is the love better? I don’t know. How do you judge? Is the success rate better? I don’t know. Where’s the polling on it? Is your partner less likely to die prematurely or become handicapped? I don’t know. Should it matter? Will they always prosper financially? I don’t know. Will they have as many children as they want? I don’t know. Is the sex better? It better be! Oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?

I don’t know the other side of “I do” for those who ask for God to make the choice. When I do, I expect there may be some revisions to my present understanding. The truth of His way won’t change but understanding it should. His ways are so much higher than ours. There’s alway more to know of what we’ve known. What’s for sure is the same God Who walks me through my singleness is the same God Who will walk me through my marriage. He’s guaranteed.

Tomorrow is the finale….


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