Vignettes of Vintage Love 7.15.14


Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea for you and for me. While we are fishing God is looking to and fro about the seas to show Himself strong on behalf of someone who is fully committed to Him. I believe when you sincerely ask for God’s choice He takes you at your word, retires your fishing poles, and sets you apart for a choice of His own. I imagine, as being someone who loves to surprise others with the perfect and thoughtful gift, He too must pulsate with the delight over getting His chance to give His choice to delight you back.
     Having “one” for you does not take away your free will, it answers it. It answers that sincere cry for His choice. I’m not sure why we consider it a dogmatic thought that God would have “one” for us unless we think Him to not be a good Father? He created us so He sincerely enjoys us in a personal way. He would not by pass our desires. He would actually increase them and purify them with His own desires and give us more than we imagined for ourselves.
     I think it’s an overwhelming idea that the Father would so desire to guard the “nudity” of our bodies and souls by keeping us veiled for His choice. It matters to Him to whom He would expose and trust the interior of our lives to. There is something about being veiled, kept unto the Father for His exclusive choice that increases the revelation of our value to our Him. It matters to my earthly father who I marry. How much more would it matter to my heavenly Father?
     Could anyone have been Jesus, otherwise know as “The One”? How many times does God address all these other gods and points to Himself as the One True God? There is but One choice that leads to the Father. He states the truth without removing our choice. In regards to a spouse I don’t think it would be out of character for Him to have “one” in mind for us when we ask.
     The choice is yours: you can swim your way through plenty of fish or set yourself up for one miraculous catch.  If you choose to give God your choice you can be expecting that among all the fish in the sea will be one swimming “like the dickens” as the one He chose for you. They’ll be the one who asked of Him the same. Here is for me the elementary of the mystery:
  • You ask from your free will.
  • He promises to order your steps.
  • He promises to lead you into all truth so you won’t miss them.
  • He gives us the desires of our hearts therefore, we will love His choice and not refuse them.


A long the way, if you believe God has spoken concerning someone and that someone does not agree then you have one of two resolves: it’s not them or it’s not time. Staying preoccupied with Jesus will sort that all out. He will make the wrong things right. Remember you are not waiting on your mate, you’re waiting upon the Lord.

I know many of us lack the confidence that we can hear from God. One thing I like to stress about hearing is first, reading His word makes you familiar with His voice. Second, He will speak to you in ways you’ll get it. If you were a deaf child of His, like any good Father, He would take the responsibility to be heard by you. He would speak up. Three years back I had a guy confront my choice to wait on God as though waiting was a cop-out covering a fear to risk. I wish I had the answers for him then that I have now. My faith rests in His faithfulness to me. I can be in the center of God’s will or acting an idiot, He will be faith to let me know what I need to know when I need to know it. That guys question grieves my heart today


I’d love to know about now, what does that do for your faith? He is so for you why do we doubt?


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