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Vignettes of Vintage Love 6.30.14

photo-9Today I want to share with you a little something I heard in prayer about this time last year…

“The marriage community in the church will not find the fullness of its revival in the repair of marriages and the renewal gender identity alone. What needs to be understood and developed is the original concept of the marriage union: God’s choice. It goes back to the garden where Adam had no choice but God’s choice.”

The “original concept” is why I’m calling this series Vintage Love.  It was God Who arranged the first marriage which reveals the role He desires to have in the matching.  He wants to make the match.  For this faith to grow in us it will be important to keep in mind a rule in biblical studies called the “law of first mention”.  It is the principal in the interpretation of Scripture that states the first mention or occurrence of a subject in Scripture establishes an unchangeable pattern, with that subject remaining unchanged in the mind of God throughout Scripture. 

The pattern God set in motion with Adam and Eve is repeated in Isaac and Rebekah’s story and Boaz and Ruth’s story.  The pattern is, God as Father, arranging the for bride to be presented to the bridegroom.  This pattern is at work now in bringing His choice Bride into union with Jesus.  A principle we can draw out of these 3-way unions of man, woman, and Holy Spirit is this: hunting for romance is not necessary to make a match. 

Is this too high a thought for you?  Is this too impossible a feat to imagine?  I hope so.  If our lives,  including our future engagements, are explainable without the Holy Spirit’s miraculous intervention than we are simply trusting in what we can self-fulfill.

It’s been my experience most people think trusting God to speak and bring revelation of His choice is too constraining on the will.  I disagree.  I say its extravagant grace.  It moves us into the impossibilities we were born-again to experience.  Remember when you were once an enemy of God?  Now you can’t get enough of Him, right?  How did this impossibility happen?  Such impossible love and passion could only have come through faith by what you heard and so can your mate.  It is by faith we live out every other aspect of our lives, yes?

So what’s our real question?  Would He not be faithful to speak to us?  He said His sheep know His voice.  Would He not be thoughtful of our desires?  He intricately wove us together in our mother’s womb.  Surely, He would not be thoughtless to ignore the ways He made us.  He give us our desires and purifies them with His own.  We may know who we are today but not who we are yet to become.  Only He knows that and who is needed to help shape us.

Let’s be honest, our hesitation to fully trust God in the romantique really points to our inabilities not His.

We trust Him so much more with far less important things.  This vintage way of love does something deeper than making a match, it brilliantly confronts what we really think about God’s Fatherhood.  The bible has marriages of His making as its bookends.  I’d say that makes God a romantique at heart.  I believe He can be fully trusted as such.  Like a good Father God wants to give us good gifts.  I really want what He is excited to give me not what I can get for myself.  Don’t you?

Thanks for tuning in! Will see where random takes us next…




Vignettes of Vintage Love 6.26.14

Re-awakening the blog to express my overgrown faith in the God of the Romantique until such a time it is fully wasted at His feet.  Expect thoughts and posts to be random, brief, unedited, imperfect and incomplete… it’s called thinking out-loud.

I’ve lived in the faith that God alone is big enough and generous enough to bring me into my desire for matrimony.  I’ve reasoned: He is God, He doesn’t need my assistance in the arranging, just my faith and obedience.  He orders my steps and will initiate all things in His time because He knows all things.  Like a good Father I imagine it to be a great joy for Him to give to His kids the long awaited desires of their hearts.  He’s a good Shepherd, faithful to speak to me in the intimate ways He has made me to hear Him.  God is perfect, therefore, His choice will be perfect; perfectly fitted to me with all the delights and imperfections needed to uncover my own.

As of late He’s been challenging me to remove the “it would in His best interest” rational from my request.  He dares me to ask from a pure understanding that He loves giving to me just because I am His and He loves me.

So I’ve pushed through to the core of my of matrimonial desire.  I’ve tried to peel away all the reasoning’s stating what a benefit my marriage would be for the Kingdom.  Its left me to contemplate the simple naked truth of my desire.  Within this large, take-a-deep-breath-run-on-sentence I state my honest claim:  I just want a creative companion of daring faith who is impassioned like me to live out the second half of our lives, married; deeply enjoying who He has created us to be for Him and for one another and spend our days watching people fall in love with Jesus as they encounter what we create together along our way to knowing Him more…. today I see what is the honest motive underneath the noble motive of my desire:


…and for this one motive I need not repent, apologize, nor justify because joy is Who He is

I am not my gifts.  I have gifts.  I am not a tool.  I have tools.  I am not deserving, He is.  The fullness of His joy comes from the fullness of my joy.  I am His delight.  This is enough reason to expect His goodness toward me. The same is true for you.

In waiting for love I have not waited alone.  He is the only One Who has waited in this faith with me.  We have not waited in vain.  Along the way I fell in love anyway.  I fell in love with Him and I am so freak’n excited to give away to my husband what He and I have managed grow in the waiting.

Truth is, if He never did one more thing for me I will love Him still.  Today my faith is reassured that the feeling is mutual.  He too will love me whether or not I ever do one more thing for the sake of His Kingdom.  Simply because I am His, He desires to give.

Take it for what it is worth for you and Him and see ya next week, maybe:-)  It’s random, remember?

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