Pulling the Shade


After 3 years and two site transitions I think I can say that I have flirted with this push-button publishing thing called blogging long enough.  In an effort to challenge my capacities to write out the deep inspirations that abound within I will be pulling the shade on this blog until further notice.

Kimberlinez has been my weak attempt at stirring up the gifts within.  In recent months, as I would consider what to post next, I found myself overwhelmed with a lil condition I like to call TMC; too much content.  I began to find the work of trimming content into blog-bite-size pieces to be a bit disabling.  I believe the time is now here to give myself to a bigger commitment.

As you read this I will be hiding out, working to funnel my writing efforts into the composition of my first full length book.  This would be the paragraph where I would give voice to my insecurities and give my readers all kinds of reasons for them to not expect a lot out of me.  I confess, I do have a dreadful history of not finishing what I’ve started.  However, I think instead I will simply ask you to offer up petitions and supplications with me for this first of many literary projects to come forth in words of power.

Kimberlinez will remain up for viewing. If you are a first timer you can move to the about page to learn more about me.  If you are a regular please know I remain eager to share the good news of God’s jealous love and would greatly enjoy coming to encourage your people groups in such knowledge. Visit the contact page to get something started.

To my readers, thanks for stopping by.  I pray that you have been stirred to greater commitments in relationship to Jesus.  To my commentators, you’re the bomb-diggidy.  Feedback is food to a communicator so I thank you for daring to be heard with me. Lastly, if you are one given to intercession and feel the burden to partner with me in this upcoming literary project a small list of prayer topics will follow the closing.

Much Peace, and Love, and Grace to you all!

Hiding out until further notice,


Prayer topics:

  • Employment transition that best favors the creative, financial, and time management elements needed for this project
  • Enhanced style and organization skill for too much content
  • Honest and original expression that stirs the most holy of emotions
  • Proper grammar, usage, and punctuation
  • Writer’s block dispelled
  • Grace to finish

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