The Vibrations of Beauty … who can deny?

I can paint faces and these are my brushes...

I posted these questions a few weeks ago on Facebook, “If you knew that your beauty was given in order to be the visible evidence of God’s splendor on the earth, what would you do different? How much more would you tend to it’s care? How much more would you guard it from exploitation? There were no replies.

I’ve been disturbed in recent months at my own attraction to beauty. I’m not talking about an attraction to the beauty of nature or beautiful things. I am disturbed more than ever by my attraction to beautiful people. I get caught up in the flawlessness, the symmetry, and the brightness of a face or a frame.

Why disturbed? After all, attraction to beauty is human nature right? Yes, I agree that it is. However, when you are one who grew up in the fat-lane, beauty becomes a terrorizing voice of condemnation. Beauty was my biggest bully growing up. So why, after all these years do I find myself attracted to my archenemy?

If the victims of beauty were to protest there would be two sides: one side would hold up signs saying, “Flaunt it if you got!” and the other side would say, “It’s what’s on the inside the counts!” Both sides, if they were honest, would have to point back to a moment of violation where the ideals of beauty raped them of their worth. I remember mine. Do you remember yours?

The greater truth is that every encounter with beauty was originally intended to point people to the very essence of our God. Flawless skin, unrivaled symmetry, and the brilliance of light combine to equal perfection. Beauty is perfection. We are attracted to perfection and shouldn’t we be? Jesus Christ is coming back for a bride who is without spot or wrinkle. He called us to be perfect as His Father in Heaven is perfect. What is wrong with being attracted to perfection? I might want to suggest it just maybe a holy attraction but we’ve stopped way short of its fulfillment.

If it is true that within every human heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty and beauty was given in order to be the visible evidence of God’s splendor on the earth then why do we cheat ourselves? Why do we stop short of what was intended to be holy and instead feast upon its shadow: the flesh? We either lust after beauty by spending every resource to possess it or we hate it and make up every imaginable excuse to keep ourselves from shining. Either way we have fallen into the trap of trusting in our beauty to get us what we want or to excuse us from the potential and dreams we actually fear.

The pursuit of beauty in its origin was Holy. Is this why the satisfactions we enjoy in porn, as well as extremes in fitness and cosmetics are so fleeting? Is this why our self-abasement and our self-righteousness never seem to keep the loneliness at bay? While we are chasing it or hating it I believe we are all together missing it.

I dare you the next time your chasing it or your hating it to admit that you want it, and ask the Creator of all things beautiful to show you more than this world has offered you. Let’s stop being satisfied with lesser pleasures and look past them to a realm of beauty so good to be true that takes faith to believe it.


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