Love Embraces Mystery … the rest of the story

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What if God led you into a hope and the hope led to disappointment? The bible tells us if we delay or depress hope it will only serve to make our hearts sick. It would be a wrong response to give up our hope or to compromise it. The truth is that God does not lead us into disappointments. He leads us into what could be possible. Truly, our disappointment isn’t with God. Our disappointment is more likely with who we think He should be for us. Disappointing outcomes challenge our knowledge of God and that is not a bad thing. He desires to be known for exactly Who He is. When we embrace the mystery of a disappointment we move into a pursuit of knowing Him more.

If you did not move into this Christian culture for the sake of knowing Him then you might want to turn back now. Disappointments will only prove to over take you and eventually bury you. Adhering your life to Jesus is to come into your eternal life.

Your new eternal life is to live forever increasing in the knowledge of Him. Knowing Him is to experience Him for yourself. Experiencing Jesus has two edges to it: sharing His sufferings and encountering His power, at the same time. To share in His sufferings does not make you a victim of His will it makes you intimate. To share in His power does not make you famous, it makes Him famous. Embracing the mystery of a disappointment has to be the right response. It’s the response designed to heal your broken heart. It’s the only response that will revive your hope.

What Could Be Could Be

It may help you to know God’s spoken words to our hearts do no tell us outcome they speak to our potential. The hope-filled words He speaks into our hearts are actually power-filled to create what could be possible. Each hope-filled word He speaks into your heart lays out another possibility under your feet. He is simultaneously empowering you and directing you to the fulfillment. How we respond to disappointment will determine what He says next. We must contend for the words He speaks to our hearts without quitting or taking short cuts. We need to continue until the author of our faith pens the final period.

God is not intimidated by the questions that pull at our devastated lil core. Those “Why God?” petitions can’t be avoided but they can be filled with accusation or they can be filled with investigation. We need to know why the “why” is still in our hearts? Here are some of the things I have learned on my way to embracing a mystery:

  • Thank Him. It is the greatest act of faith you can do this side of Heaven. Thank Him for the honor of being trusted to carry out such a hope and for the chance to grow through the endurance of seeking it out. You will discover your new “muscles” when you dare to pursue hope again.
  • Feel the disappointment and feel it all the way through. Disappointment is a loss and it needs to be fully grieved if you are to ever fully hope again. To depress your honest emotions will only insure a de-pression later on. You will know you are through the grief because you heart will soften into a new surrender.
  • Give time to forgiveness. Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and expose those areas where you may have erred in the journey to hope. Ask Him to renew a right and loyal spirit within you so you can embrace the unlocking of the mystery. When the forgiveness is complete, you will be ready to forgive any others who may have fallen short with you along the way. You will be ready to release them from any misplaced expectations you may have put upon them.
  • Give up your rights to understanding the outcome. When you give up the entitlement to understand, peace will come and the time for healing can begin. I’ve learned a very precious attribute of God here. You will vacillate from puzzlement to peace from peace to puzzlement and God will continue to hold the mystery in silence. Why? Because His love must honor the healing of your broken heart. He needs your heart ready to receive what He has to say next. While you wrestle with your pain and confusion there is a chance you could easily misunderstand the wisdom of His love. He will patiently wait for your trust in Him to return.
  • When the time comes to unlock the mystery God will only tell you what you need to hear for now. His intentions are to carefully re-direct you back into His passion and His purpose as well as your potential.


If He reveals that you had been misled, God will pen a period. You will have closure and a precious lesson learned to take with you when you move into a hope that truly is of Him. His love won’t let your experience go to waste. He is a good Father Who brings us correction with much love and attention. I believe He adores your ambition to follow Him even if you got it wrong. That is why repentance is such an awesome gift. We get to turn around and try again.

However, if you have processed your disappointment and He does not correct you then you have an encountered a comma penned within your hope. It would not be unusual for God to reveal the happy ending of a thing at the beginning. He had Jesus planned to die and raise again while you were yet a sinner, right? Maybe He planned you into the redemption of a thing. God may not have planned your disappointing outcome but He did foresee it. He has the ability to look past it with redemption in His eyes and a beautiful vengeance burning in His heart. He will have a plan to turn it all around for His good. Maybe your part in the plan has more to do with its ending then it’s beginning. You’ll never know unless you embrace the mystery.

I will warn you however, to search out a mystery will only grow a hope that was once impossible into greater impossibilities. It will be difficult, harder than you could have imagined. You will want it as much as you will want to run away from it. You will even wonder at times if you’ve lost it and the only truth that will keep you sane and moving forward is that He has given you the Spirit of Truth to lead you into all truth.

You see embracing a mystery is this genius way of God to prod you to keep asking, seeking and knocking. Once you’ve tasted of something too good to be true you can’t shake it, love will compel you to embrace mystery. The rest of the story belongs to you. Embracing the mysteries of your disappointments will transform you into that person you foresee, a person fit to live the hope your heart holds. He forever lives to make the wrong things right.

What if embracing the mystery of that premature death to cancer can take you farther into an untapped power to heal everyone who would ask?

What if embracing the mystery of that last financial nose dive can take you farther into an epic business strategy of transferring a wealth that heals a national economy?

What if embracing the mystery of your desolate orphaned life can take you farther into a global revival where adoption is no longer a charitable act but an evangelistic movement of compounding proportions?

What if embracing the mystery of a bewildering heartbreak in your untold love story can take you farther into a profound knowledge of love that has the power to turn the moral compass of an entire generation?

Would you embrace the mystery?

What if your disappointment was not a period but a comma?

Will you embrace the mystery in order to gain a profoundly intimate knowledge of God and live to see the impossibilities that first mocked you finally bend their knees to His power in you?

Go get your hope back because it’s not over until God says it’s over.


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