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Your Beautiful Moments …

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Have you ever known to be “set-up” by God? Just this last week as I topped off the Wired series God pulled back the curtains on my next writing assignment. While reading Estee Lauder – A Success Story I was struck by one line that immediately gave me a rear-view mirror perspective on a story that God has been weaving into the background of my life for decades.

I am going to take the challenge to disclose the “set-up” in a book. I am going to take advantage of this blog to think out-loud with you as part of my research and my challenge to think outside the box of my own experiences. Beauty may at first seem like a subject for women only but it will not be balanced without the male voice. I believe restoring the purity and integrity of beauty on the earth also restores the image of God on the earth. Restoring the image of God on the earth belongs to both men and women. Please gentlemen, do not hesitate to add the width and breathe missing from the unfolding conversation.

So for “blog” starters …

I was attending a Fall Seminar for Estee Lauder last month. My co-worker and I were seated at a far back table with four other beauty advisors. The presenter began to tell a story of when she felt beautiful. She then gave a most terrifying assignment, “At your table take turns sharing about your first beautiful moment.”

You could feel the terror of insecurity race through the room. So many women frantically searching their memory banks for that “moment”, that one validating moment where they first sincerely felt beautiful. I am sure most of them could recall several occasions where someone told them they were beautiful. However, being told your beautiful does not always translate into feeling beautiful. Oh, and to make the challenge even greater, birthing babies and wedding days didn’t count.

Well, I was one of the women frantically searching for my “moment”. I never dated in high school. I didn’t have a prom or homecoming to brag about. Any opportunities for a beautiful moment as a young adult were clouded with frequent intoxication and self-hate. My “you’re so beautiful” wedding day moment is yet to come. Giving birth to the most beautiful daughter in the world moment was overshadowed with its less than ideal circumstances. Then, right before I was about to divert my sad truth for a beautifully sarcastic response, it came to me. My first beautiful moment was not your typical glamor shot moment, it happened to be a daring moment.

I was 29. I was a single mom and two years out from a meager financial independence that would give us the chance to finally move out of my parents home. I worked full-time. I had never completed a college education. I had grown up in the “fat-lane” where the shades of shame pull down and bury deep a girl’s esteem. I don’t know what had gotten into me that year. I had never been one for an audience but I dared to play a very small role in a Christmas play at our church. My only appearance came at the climatic end as angles and songs of glory flooded the final scene. Yes, I was a singing angel and no that was not my first beautiful moment. My first beautiful moment came afterwards when my dad approached me full of pride, looked me in the eye, and said in so many words, “You are beautiful.” That was a first for us.

Beautiful Moments

I shared my moment with the other ladies at the table. My co-worker’s moment was a heroic one. When she was wrecked from chemotherapy and hairless, her father, impressed with her strength, told her she was beautiful. The young woman to my right said that her first beautiful moment was the “ah-ha” moment she had from her first Estee Lauder make-over. She had not realized her beauty potential before that moment. The next two young women were what the rest of us would consider the most photogenic, cosmetically artistic, and attracting with their beauty. With regret deeper than they would reveal they bravely confessed they could not retrieve one single beautiful moment. The two most “beautiful” women at the table were still waiting for their beautiful moment.

Beautiful Feedback

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is where the conversation begins: It has been my experience that regardless of the physical beauty one may or may not possess, no one “feels” they are beautiful until they “feel” their worth … Yes? No? Maybe? Add your thoughts, share the moment you first felt your worth, your beauty…


Wired to Rule: Go, Get Drunk, and Fill the Streets!

Okay, I am going to keep it simple: God created the earth for mankind. God gave mankind rule over it. Mankind disobeyed and lost their Kingdom influence on the earth. Centuries later He sent His son Jesus to buy it back. When we give our life to Jesus He not only saves us, He gives us His Spirit so we can rule over the earth once again. That’s it folks, we have been given charge of what is happening down here. We are in charge of bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth as it is in Heaven. We are wired to rule.

“We are not called to “rule over others” in the sense of domination. In God’s Kingdom, the power of rule is in the divine enablement (grace) to serve others more effectively. Just as kings are to provide protection and prosperity for their citizens, so those who serve well in God’s Kingdom will offer safety and blessing to all who come under their influence” Bill Johnson in Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

We, the church, rule on the earth when we bend down to serve our gifts and in-turn honor the gifts of others. Saved and unsaved alike, God has given His gifts and He will not take them back. He expects us to give honor where honor is due and when you see the image of God in another, honor it. We, the church, are not an address. We, the church, are a culture. We are a Kingdom culture living, breathing, and having our being within a worldly culture. Jesus’ death gave us permission to stop being impressed and overwhelmed with sin and darkness. We have been empowered to overrule it with love, honor, and the beautiful humility of service.

News Flash

News flash #1: the “one man” show is officially outdated. We, the church, have grossly limited the influence of God to the professional few who teach and preach the Gospel. Too much of a church’s resources are invested into a single hour of the week. Too much of a church’s faith wages on an hour of relevancy for their unbelieving friends and family. Can we just face it? According to the bible the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. It leaves me to question; does the strategizing of a church service to make Jesus cool and inoffensive to visiting unbelievers ultimately weaken the message? Was the gathering of the church ever intended for the unbeliever or was it intended to strengthen the believers to rule in their territories of influence where unbelievers live? Just asking.

News flash #2: The era of the “pew sitter” is outdated. Remember, 97% of the Body of Christ is called ministers of the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. The territory of your influence is in the marketplace. Wherever you are a consumer or a contributor, you have spheres of influence and “ruling” doesn’t look like a preacher in a pulpit. Ruling looks like you serving your gift as you go about your daily responsibilities. Your gift today is a solution for someone’s tomorrow. There is no pressure to be what you are not. Daily God orders your steps and you are strategically placed to be a solution: the gift He made you to be. Simple right?


Go and make disciples of nations, expand the Christian culture by teaching them to obey all that Jesus has taught YOU so far. What does ruling look like for you? It looks like you giving your gift. If you are wired to “see” then take time to look and articulate what you see. If you’re wired to “work it” then work it with zeal. If you’re wired like a “ferret” then teach what you’ve learned. If you’re wired with “feelers” then feel it and love freely. If you’re wired to “coach” then give courage with your stories. If you’re wired to “give” than give as God gives it to you. If you’re wired to “manage” than lend your expertise.

Don’t apologize that your gift it’s not enough or that it’s not like someone else’s. Don’t gripe that no one “sees” what you see or does it the way you do it. Self-loathing and self-righteousness need to be dropped off in your prayer closet. If the Spirit of God really dwells in you than you have a portion of each gift and will be called upon to give according to what you have been given. When it comes to how you spend the majority of your time, commit more of your life to the gifts you’ve been given a greater portion of. That is where were your joy will be its fullest and your influence the most effective.

Start in your every day life and relationships, go and give your gifts as is. Promotion will come as you give what is in your hand today. This is called being a good steward of what you’ve been given. Good stewards get promoted. Personal gain and personal empires are not the goals of a King in God’s Kingdom. Promotion in the Kingdom is when your gifted influence is given more territory to serve. The goal is bringing Heaven to Earth. Promotion is when the King’s influence on your personal life increases and simultaneously penetrates the territories you’ve been given. Just give what you’ve got and you’ll get more. Simple right?

Get Drunk

Seriously! If we are going to be the church, if we are going to be a solution, the “ah-ha” of the moment, we must be filled to an intoxicating level with God’s Spirit. Jesus brought the power to the people. Our gifts of service, love, wisdom and others need be more than what the world can offer. They need to be supernatural. People need to encounter solutions for their lives that are out of this world, literally. Jesus Himself said that He didn’t expect people to believe in Him if signs and wonders didn’t follow His message. Your gift is your super-power.

The Christian culture that gathers for their weekly hour should be getting experience in praying for others so they can to work Monday more confident to pray for their co-worker. They should be getting trained on how to lay hands on others and command a healing so they can go to school the next day, full of faith, and bring healing to a classmate. How about practicing words of wisdom and knowledge on each other so they can go to Wal-Mart on the way home and discern the promises of God for their cashier?

There is a Charlie Hall song called Madly that says, “Let what we do in here fill the streets out there.” Let’s grow a culture of people who are gifted as Heaven’s solutions needed in a moment. Let’s design our worship time to train; business owners in wisdom of Solomon, retail clerks etiquette to prophesy to their customers, garage mechanics to discern spirits and cast them out, lawyers to heal the sick, city officials to pray down strongholds and establish Kingdom truth, and teachers to love without depletion.

Let’s stop designing our worship services to not offend. The church worship service should be like the neighborhood bar for believers. It should be the place where “I love you man” is a holy affection. It should be where we ALL get a microphone to tell our stories of encounter from the week. It should be the place where we all get to drink of a round of courage for the coming week. It must become a training facility where the 97% are not only healing personally but also learning truth and getting hands-on experience in applying it. Each week should be a commissioning to fill the streets with what we’ve gained in that hour.

If God has given us everything, EVERYTHING pertaining to life and godliness than what’s our excuse? Face it you were wired to rule. Consider the gift in your hand, love it, embrace the process to grow in it, and keep giving it away until His Kingdom finally comes.

And if this sounds like a rant, it is; a rant with a smile:-) Hope you are provoked!

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