Wired to Give

As we were profiling this gift, Ryan, Youth Director for Renaissance, immediately identified his brother Andrew as a giver. Andrew was a classmate of my daughter’s and surrogate brother throughout their high school years. Andrew had a reputation for being quite adventurous. Twice in grade school Andrew had packed his bags for expedition. Well, he would call it that. His parents called it running away from home.

Between those few “adventures” in Andrew’s young life we had a missionary visit our church. She presented some really dramatic stories of survival and miracles. She brought intriguing pictures of the area and the people. I was sitting behind Andrew during her presentation when the Lord spoke quietly to my heart, “Andrew has a spirit like that of Indiana Jones, this is why he runs.” I can’t tell you how excited I was to share with him the reason he struggled so hard to stay put. He was wired for expedition. As a young adult Andrew is learning that his outrageous giving nature is preparing to him to give more than his time and his money. Andrew would give away his life if God asked him to. Andrew is not weird, he is wired to give.

Giving to Give

According to the Fortunes, “Of the seven motivational gifts this is the one least likely to be identified by the one who has it. Part of the reason may be that the giver’s “left-hand” does not know when his “right-hand” gives alms (Matthew 6:3). Another may be the giver’s “all around” personality. The giver shares several traits of the server, can be a leader or a follower, and like the perceiver and the teacher has a love for the Word of God.”

Now, givers give far more than money. They give with abandon their possessions, their time, and their money with no strings attached. Their favorite way to give is without anyone knowing it and their joy is at its fullest when what they give is a direct answer to someone’s prayer. They know that God supplies all their resources and when they are mature they are careful to give according to a leading from the Holy Spirit.

Giving to Gather People

The joy in hospitality is strong and the giver sees it as an expression of giving. They possess a great desire to see others come to Christ. They frequently intercede for the needs and salvation of souls. They are naturally evangelistic. As children they will attempt to lead other children to Jesus. If their pulse had a voice it would say, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only” with each beat.

Those wired individuals who are drawn to prayer groups are the perceiver, the mercy, and the giver. If you listen the nature of the prayers you will easily identify them: the perceiver prays for the will of God to be done in nations, churches, and individuals. The mercy wired person prays for the problems and hurts of others as well as unity in the worldwide church. The giver, of course, prays for the salvation of souls and for the laborers of the harvest to be sent out.

Money, Money, Money

These are the people who seem to financially prosper at whatever they do. If God gives the ability to create wealth then the grace is ten times more concentrated on the giver. Why? God knows they will give it away according to His leading. They are very industrious, natural and effective in business. They habitually succeed at their business endeavor because they seem to be wise beyond their years.

Their successes could also be attributed to their frugality. They save as much as the give. They shop for the best deals but will not sacrifice quality at the same time. They are in no way gullible but are quick to discern manipulation. They can discern reality from imagination. This makes it possible for them to give where it counts. When they give to ministries they will research them first. They investigate two primary interests:  does it effectively get the Gospel out and what are the overhead expenses? Since they give more than money, you find them giving their time and resources to what they give their money to.

Those wired to give help the church meet the material needs of the church. They generously volunteer for outreach opportunities, caring ministries, and financial areas. These are your die-hard, Indiana Jones kind of missionaries. In the marketplace givers will find their fit as: actors, bankers, business consultants, buyers, carpenters, economists, investment managers, landscapers, paramedics, retailers, travel agents, and waitresses. With abandon and adventure the giver keeps the fires of “going into all the world” burning and funded. They know no greater giver than God Himself. They can testify that giving a life to God is the best deal this side of Heaven.


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