Wired Like a Ferret

My friend, Daryl, is an iconic teacher. Look what he posted on his Facebook this week,  ‎”When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” Erasmus. If you totally relate you too may be gifted like a teacher. I’ve been looking forward to this post. When I started this Wired series I decided to challenge my paralyzing perfectionism and by-pass the editing portion of my push-button publishing. I am fully aware that I am not picking up on all the poor grammar and run-on sentences and simultaneously driving my teacher gifted readers crazy.

Plumb Bob

No, not Sponge Bob, plumb bob. The featured graphic for this  post is that of a plumb bob. It’s used by construction professional as a tool to determine if a wall is straight or plumb. An individual who is wired like a teacher carry a severe conviction that God’s Word acts as a plumb bob or our standard for truth. They present truth in a very logical and systematic way and never without validating the facts. Designed to investigate they search and root out truth like a ferret.

Semantics is a teacher’s favorite game to play. They love to do word studies and naturally challenge the word choices of others. For an example you’ll have to take time and note the 11th of 16 comments that followed and article I posted on Facebook today, Beware Romantic Pornography. Another hot button for the teacher is context, context, context. The hair will literally arise on the back of their necks when quotes are used out of context. They are intellectually sharp and their gift is keeps us disciplined in the truth.

Passion is an Understatement

The passion that pulse through the teacher is that they believe the truth has the intrinsic power to change lives, to change governments, to change the world. They do not give a lot of credibility to someone’s experience, it’s too subjective for them. They can easily detach emotionally and become dogmatic about the facts. A mature teacher is well-disciplined and self-controlled. In their immaturity they can easily preach what they have yet to practice. They are also easily distracted by many interests. They have fat libraries and will admit they haven’t finished most their books. You see when a teacher starts to research they will come across a point of interest in their research and find another resource to speak to that new interest only to find another. Books and books open upon one another and not a one read to the end. I personally find this trait of the teacher most endearing.

They are easy to recognize when you are having a conversation with them about a new idea or an encounter. Their first question will be, “Who is the teacher? Who is the author? They are quick to know your resource and unfortunately quick to label it as trustworthy or not. It is at this point that the teacher can easily tune a person out for their own opinion. It is challenging for those with this gift to stay engaged with the people God entrusts to them. God’s Truth is the Truth. Teacher would do well to not always challenge the person but to challenge themselves and the delivery of the truth. The Truth is the Truth and there can be many applications and facets that make that Truth translatable to many.

Teachers Teach to Teach

All the gifts teach and will teach out of the passion that wires them the most. Teachers on the other hand can teach on any subject because their passion is teaching. They are a wealth of rich information and history. If you have ever had the privilege of sitting under a teacher well-studied in Jewish history the Bible becomes vividly inflamed with a whole new level of understanding God and His ways. If you have a teacher on your team be sure to honor their gift by giving them ample time to prepare their lesson or presentations. Take lots of notes, they are easily to follow.

If you are wired as a teacher you may find joy in working as an archeologist (I can’t believed I spelled that right without looking it up:-), biologist, chemist, college professor, composer, computer programmer, doctor, engineer, journalist, or writer. There are some similarities between the teacher and the prophet. As one Renaissance teacher discovered; one way to break that tie is to answer honestly: when you encounter a problem that needs to be solved where do you naturally turn first? Prayer or the Bible/books? Prayer for the prophet is more than automatic, it’s a 24/7 thing. The teacher, he knows he has read about a the solution before and automatically starts the research. With technology today, researching 24/7 is more possible than ever and makes for a very happy teacher.

P.S. May all the winces toward my poor grammar and run-on sentences always work to remind you dear teacher of your great worth to us …


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One response to “Wired Like a Ferret

  • Paula Yocom

    HMMMMMMMMM….Loving this series…if I was a publisher instead of a??? I would publish this for sure…one day maybe I will figure out what I’m wired for

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