Wired to “See” Part II

The authors of Discovering Your God-Given Gifts did a survey along with their years of research. They discovered that only 12% of the church is made up of prophetically wired people. With that in mind many of you will want to use your” Advance to Go “card about now:-) This is for the 12%. This is a lil bit of the wisdom I’ve gained in my first 20 years of “gift” giving. This is for Andee, Joren, Jarred and Laramie, and their children, and their children’s children…






To The 12%

  • Do not love the truth more than you love a person and love a person enough to tell them the truth
  • Love is never having to say, “I told you so”
  • Correction is not punishment so don’t hit them with it, present it like a present
  • When you “see” sin ask to “see” their potential in Him; people will pay the personal price of a holy lifestyle when they understand their worth and their place in history
  • “Gift” giving is just a bunch of noise without love and your love for them will be conceived through prayer
  • Sinful behavior is always the lesser issue; unbelief is always the greatest issue
  • Identify the fear and you’ll uncover the lies people live by
  • Don’t say everything you “see” but instead pray everything you “see” until He gives you something to say
  • Sadly, and on rare occasions you may have to embrace a wounded heart when a friend is unresponsive to your gift, however, wisdom promises to justify you or them, so always keep your heart readied for a reconciliation
  • When you are left alone with, “was that God or was that me?” remember He has given you His Spirit to lead you into all truth and time will be gracious to tell who was taking the lead

I want to encourage you; it’s a long road to maturity. That may not sound like encouragement but the long road is about cultivating a deep level of intimacy with the One Who chose you for this gift. Out of all the gifts I think this one gets the most intense of workouts. To hear from God and proclaim His will is not for the faint of heart. You were chosen to steward His mysteries and the message you bring will not come from a knowledge of His works. Your message will come from experiencing Him in His ways. Much of what He shows you will eventually not be what you thought it was, it will end up being so much more. Some of you will be messengers and some of you will give up your lives to become the message.

The cross you bear will be trying to stay present in your job, your relationships, and your churches while simultaneously contending for what you are “seeing” years ahead of you. You will be challenged to forgive what you “see” so you can help set people free. You will need the Truth to fight the accusations that will chase you: “that’s not love”, “you’re crazy”, and “just quit cause things will never change”. God will assign you people, places, and causes to fight for and most of the enemies you conquer will be your own. Prayer will be the place that keeps you from sinning with your mouth. Prayer will be the place where what you “see” eventually transforms into what will be.

To Those Who Love Them

To those who love them I would ask that you see past the frankness and what seems an unreasonable zeal. Instead, look to the fire that burns deep inside them, there is truth somewhere in the rant. The love that burns in them is a love that goes ahead. It comes in the high expectations they set. It’s in their wisdom that always seems to kill your buzz. Their love is in the warning that comes before the fall. Though their delivery may lack the gentleness you need in order to receive it, keep the faith; God will be tenderizing their hearts all the days of their lives.

Remember, when they choose to be alone they aren’t necessarily lonely. When you come home and find them on their face in prayer AGAIN, they’re not weird; they’re wired that way. I know, I know, they are not easily encouraged when they are low. Next to hearing from you they long to hear from Him. His voice is their food. Quality time with quality conversation makes them feel the most loved. Lastly, when there is work to be done they won’t see it. Don’t assume they are lazy or pious; they are frequently preoccupied with seeing three years down the road, so just tap them on the shoulder and ask.

To Those Who Lead Them

To those who lead them give them your ear. Don’t shelve them as too spiritual. Consider what they have to say and help them to draw out what is good; prophets need encouragement too. What you may not know is that the enemy repeatedly accuses them of being crazy in a clinical way. This accusation is one of their most powerful foes. The accusation is so strong at times that they may weaken, be overcome with pointlessness, and simply wish they were dead (remember Elijah). If ever you are concerned you are dealing with a “Jezebel” keep in mind, people commonly take on the resemblance of their own tormentors. In other words, tormented people torment people therefore, prophets need set free too. If you are leading these gifted individuals and you find them saturated with pessimism and sarcasm please forgive them. They know not what they do because they know not fully who they are. Mature and immature alike, dare to receive them and you will receive their reward: what they “see” in Heaven is what you will get here on earth.

What I’ve “Seen” So Far

In my own travels I have had a few rewards of receiving what I was “seeing”. I once saw a healthy congregation and I gathered people to pray. Two years later health began to take its rightful place in our church. I once “saw” an abandoned worship culture in our church. I got on my knees every Saturday morning during worship practices with my 5-year-old daughter in tow. It would be three years before that life took its first breath. I once “saw” a friend planting a community of no-collar musicians and artists loving God with their gifts. Seven years later I am the official toilet bowl cleaner in a church called Renaissance that has been planted by that same friend.

I’ve “seen” babies before they were born, some of them are here now and as cute as the first time I “saw” them. I’ve “seen” the greatness other people are destined for and I am now watching some of those first steps take place. After 20 years I’ve just begun to “see” my weak words go forth in power, stirring the most holy of emotions in men and women like a fire. It’s a fascinating gift to give out AND an even harder one to live out. The fellowship of His sufferings has been my trainer behind this gift. The stories are piling up and they promise to make for some great future books. So thanks for letting me practice this writing craft on you while God and I wait to reveal so much more in the decades ahead. More gifts stuff coming your way next week!


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