Wired or Weird?

It was around 1997. I think. I was a single mom working full-time as clerical support for a MAJOR insurance company. I was about six years into this thing called a “relationship with God” when I began to experience an unusual discontentment. At this point in my life I had been making career choices purely from a survivor mindset. My choices were never about what I wanted to do let alone what I was born to do. That ideal was only for movie stars and rock stars. My choices were always about if their paycheck promised to be bigger than the one I was currently slaving for.

There was this relentless gnawing deep inside working to convince me that there was more to my life than working a job for the paycheck. It wasn’t long before this discontentment brought to me a book tucked deep inside the archives of my mom’s library. Ok, so it was more like a cardboard box of books sitting beneath my end table next to my living room couch, but a library nonetheless. Among Linda’s top 100 was a book titled Discovering Your God-Given Gifts by Don and Katie Fortune.

You know that saying about life not being about the amount of breaths you take but it’s more about the moments that take your breath away? Yeah, this was one of those for me. Three things happened: I read the book, I worked the profiles, I cried. Then I cried some more. Everything that I had thought might be weird about me was actually wired in me on purpose according to God.

Everything that I believed people had rejected about me was the very thing He loved about me. All my career experiences up to that point were in direct conflict to my wiring. I had no joy in my jobs because of the way I was wired not because I was weird. Of course, that opinion may be eagerly protested by a few of my closest of close. Even so, that glorious ah-ha moment took my breath away and liberated me in a way that has only compounded with great interest even to this day.

In the coming weeks I am going to be walking the Renaissance staff through these same materials. I thought I would blog some of the highlights and insights as we explore each gift as a group. I expect it to be as entertaining as it promises to be enlightening. Of course they will bring the entertainment and I’ll bring the enlightenment. I mean come on, have you meet this group yet? Up close and personal? Then you get me, right?

The most I am expecting is that you might begin to consider how God wired you. If you do that then I could expect that you too might encounter the same One Who wired me. You see, part of the tears that soaked my breathless moment came from a Love encounter. I felt Love, a deep-to-my-core kind of love. I found out I, the invisible one ravaged with self-hatred, was hand-wired by none other than the God of the very universe, hello? Are you kidding me? I wasn’t weird after all (note to my dearest Andee:-)! I was on purpose and everything about me mattered to God. Everything about me even mattered to His Kingdom. He seriously had plans to make history with me and He was determined to use my wiring to git-r-done.

The truth is, God doesn’t have any more respect for me than He has for you. What He has encouraged in me He will encourage in you. He is one of those perfect kinds of dads who gets you like no one else gets you. He is like the best coach Who gives you all the team advantages of being His kid and can’t wait to tell you how proud He is of you. How can He not be proud of you? He was the One Who wired you too.

Oh, and yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, he does have a belly full of jelly, and his real name is Joy. The One Who wired you sent His perfectly wired Son, Jesus, to save us from an eternal misery most closely emulated in the driest of corporate American cubicles. Why? So that we might have joy and have it abundantly. Yes Virgina, even on the job.


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